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Cocoia icon resource updated for iPhone 4

Working on an icon for your new iPhone 4 or iPad app? Fresh from WWDC 2010, Cocoia have updated their PSD resource file to include not only the original iPhone/iPod touch and iPad dimensions, but the new iPhone 4 114x114 Retina Display resolution as well:

Again, if you appreciate it, tweet this to help your fellow designers and developers make nicer icons for iPhone 4 (and beyond).

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iPad GUI Design Recommendations, Templates, and Galleries

If you're interested in iPad design or development, the internet is already offering up resources for you, including interface recommendations, icon templates, and galleries of Apple examples. And why not? The same people who love every pixel of interface on the iPhone are finding 1024x768 reasons to pour over the iPad's beefy new canvas as well.

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How To: Free Up Resources on Your iPhone With Force Quit

UPDATE: Force Quit has changed in iPhone 3.0. Check out our new how-to!

Those of us who rock Mac OS X know all about the "Force Quit". For Windows users, think killing an application via Task Manager. They're both ways to shut down non-responsive or otherwise rogue applications from freezing us out or just slowing us down. For iPhone users, well, we don't have to worry about that, do we? (Remember Apple mocking Windows Mobile for multitask management?)

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