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Feedly transitioning to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress as preferred login services [updated]

Feedly, one of the more popular RSS aggregators in the post-Google Reader world, has announced a change to the way you'll soon be able to login to the service. Up until now Google OAuth has been the preferred choice, but as Google slowly moves towards a Google+ login system, Feedly is doing the same:

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Reeder 2 hits the App Store completely iPad ready

Reeder is a favorite news aggregator of many, and today we see its triumphant return to the App Store in the form of Reeder 2. It's an all new app, with an all new design, and it brings back the long awaited iPad support that we lost when Google Reader closed its doors. The previous version of the iPhone app is still available, and received Feedly support right at the death, but Reeder 2 is an all new universal app, with a couple more new features to add to the collection.

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Feedly goes pro, gives you more in your RSS for $5 a month

From this morning when you log in to your Feedly account, there's going to be a new Pro option for you to upgrade to should you wish. The new $5 a month or $45 a year account promises more security, more search and more support. Better still, the first 5,000 people to upgrade will have the option of a $99 lifetime subscription. The full list of perks, from Feedly:

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ReadKit for Mac gets even better with added Feedly support

ReadKit for Mac is one of the best RSS reading clients money can buy for the Mac, and the latest update consolidates that further by adding support for Feedly. In the post-Google Reader world, Feedly quickly emerged as a leading contender to step into the limelight.

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ReadKit for Mac keeps your reading together in one fast, stylish place

The Google Reader apocalypse sent many of us scrambling for replacements on both our iOS devices and our Macs. Some of the more popular options, such as Reeder, haven't updated in time for the Mac, or perhaps our new RSS service of choice isn't supported by our most used application. The scramble settled, eventually, and I found myself on Newsblur which then lead me to ReadKit for Mac. ReadKit goes far beyond just RSS, though, it'll pull in most of the popular reading services too. Let's take a look.

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Google Reader deathwatch day one: Final warnings and Feedly and Flipboard frustrations

Google Reader is gone now. Dead. Killed. Taken from us. If you go to the website that once housed all your feeds, all you'll find is a grim warning to export them now, because even their memory will be purged from the universe on July 15. You've been warned. Google's burying Reader deep and salting the earth.

But even those of us who've tried to move on aren't having the easiest time of it. Both Flipboard and Feedly, two popular Reader alternatives, have experienced problems today, frustrating many users, both new and old.

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Reeder for iPhone update now live, Feedly support arrives in the nick of time

We heard just a few days ago that popular RSS reading app, Reeder for iPhone, was going free while an update for the Google-pocalypse was awaiting approval by Apple. That update has now been approved, and not a moment too soon as Google Reader has now closed its doors for good.

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Newsblur will look after your RSS long after Google has said goodbye

In rounding up the possible go-to RSS services after Google Reader closes its doors, it seems one slipped our attention; Newsblur. On the face of it, Newsblur looks to offer a similarly solid product to some other RSS services, and comes with the option of a paid, premium account to access the full range of features. The recommendation for Newsblur actually came from iMore community member Ben Pike, who particularly likes the "training" aspect of Newsblur:

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Looking for life after Google Reader? Here's what you need to know!

Google Reader will soon be gone, and anyone who uses it daily β€” like everyone here at Mobile Nations β€” will have to make a decision on how to carry on their RSS love affair. Fortunately, it's no longer the disaster we all feared on first hearing the news, and we're actually left with an ample selection of replacements. Here's everything you need to know.

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First look at the new AOL Reader beta, a surprisingly pleasing way to get your RSS fix

Google Reader will come to an end on July 1, one week from now. We're not that short on options to continue receiving our RSS fix, but one that quietly emerged in recent days is AOL Reader. Currently in beta form, and web only, access to the new service is now available. You're told to log in and request an invite, but it seems as though verifying your email address is about all you need to do to get in and take a look. So, we did.

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