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Rss Apps

Best news and RSS apps for iPhone: Stay current with the news you care about most

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you keep up with breaking news headlines? RSS and news apps offer the best way to keep up with all the headlines we care about. From finance and politics to the latest and greatest in tech and fashion trends, there are tons of news and RSS apps in the App Store that put all the headlines right at your fingertips. No matter what kind of news you want to keep up with, there's something for everyone. The are currently the best news and RSS apps available for iPhone!

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Best news reader apps for iPad: How to stay on top of your RSS feeds!

The best apps for keeping track of all your favorite news feeds, streams, sites, and sources!

Looking for the best iPad apps to help you keep up with all the latest news? Reading on the iPad is an amazingly enjoyable experience, and news feeds are a great way to get amazing stuff to read. Put them together and what do you have? The best of all possible reading worlds. Apple no longer provides the online Safari news reader, which made opening feeds right in the browser a breeze, but there are a ton of great App Store apps that can help you get your RSS fix, but which is the best one for you? That's where iMore comes in! These are currently the best news and RSS apps available for iPad!

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Reeder 2 for Mac review

Popular RSS app Reeder has finally released the long awaited Reeder 2 update for the Mac. Since the first version of Reeder was dependent upon Google Reader, which has long been discontinued, the service had to be reworked to incorporate other RSS services. The iOS version was updated a while back but the Mac app provided a different kind of challenge, according to Reeder's developer, Silvio Rizzi. A year later and Reeder 2 has finally landed. So was it worth the excruciatingly long wait?

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Gist 2.0 brings full Pocket support, new summary view, and more!

Gist has been updated to version 2.0, adding important new features like a new summary view and full support for read-it-later service Pocket. Gist will now summarize all of the articles that you store in Pocket. You can add, delete, and favorite articles from within Gist.

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Faast for iOS gives you one unified social and RSS stream to rule them all

Faast for both iPhone and iPad is a new subscription based app that lets you combine your social accounts and news feeds into one easy to access stream. Aside from one unified place to view all things news and social, Faast has some great sharing and discussion features that adds another layer of social networking.

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Reconnaissance for iPhone: The best RSS option for Feed Wrangler

Reconnaissance for iPhone is an RSS app that specifically caters to the Feed Wrangler RSS service. With the ability to edit subscriptions, send articles to a read it later service in one swipe, and background updates, there's a lot to love about Reconnaissance.

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Mr. Reader 3.0 for iPad brings Reading List support, more RSS services, a new design, and more

Mr. Reader, a popular RSS news app for iPad, has just been updated with an all new design for iOS 7, support for 64-bit devices, and more. New features including the addition of AOL Reader as an RSS service, the ability to add to a Safari Reading List, and tons more.

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Gist for iPhone lets you catch up on news quick by summarizing articles for you

Gist for iPhone is a news reader app that filters recent stories from Google News in a variety of different categories. That's not what makes it unique though. Gist can summarize articles for you automatically so you can catch up on news fast and get on with your day.

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Best RSS apps for Mac: ReadKit, Leaf RSS Reader, and more!

RSS has long history on the Mac. It was even built into Apple's own Safari and Mail at one point. Likewise, Google Reader in the browser was immensely popular, as were OS X apps that used it for sync. Now Apple and Google have left the RSS feed reader business, a lot of new services have sprung up, and a lot of different apps have begun to support them. But which services work with which apps, and what are the best combinations? Here are my favorites!

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How to configure Feedly or another RSS service with Reeder for iPhone

If you're a huge Reeder fan, you're in luck as it's just been updated with support for several new RSS services since Google Reader is now no longer accessible except to export your feeds.

Once you've exported your feeds to Feedly or another RSS service of your choice, you're ready to set up a new RSS service inside Reeder. Here's how:

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