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smart watch

Vector 10: Kevin Michaluk and smart watches

Kevin Michaluk of Mobile Nations and joins Rene to talk about smart watches, what they mean for traditional watch enthusiasts, for geeks, for the mainstream, for the tech industry, and for Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Apple. Also: Samsung Galaxy Gear!


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Samsung Galaxy Gear shows what Apple won't do with the iWatch

Samsung has launched their pre-emptive strike against Apple's widely anticipated iWatch, and it's the Galaxy Gear. Not surprisingly, it seems like what many pre-Apple products seem like - the HP Slate held up by Steve Ballmer at CES 2010. That's potentially neither good or bad, but it's another reminder about just how Apple really does tend to think differently. My guess is the iWatch will be to the common perception of a watch what the iPhone was to the old corded handset. But we'll see. Meanwhile, Alex Doby from Android Central has a complete Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on locked and loaded:

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Pebble releases official public watch face SDK

Pebble has released the public watch face SDK for its E-Paper smart watch. Developers can now start making their own watch faces for the device, which iOS users will install via the Pebble iPhone app.

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Google also now rumored to be working on an Android smart watch

There has been much speculation regarding the supposed Apple iWatch, but they arenโ€™t the only ones said to be working on a smartwatch, with Samsung and now Google said to be putting effort behind such a device. A 2011 patent filing suggests that Google could be working on a smartwatch, in addition to their head-mounted Glass project.

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Apple iWatch rumors surface again, this time with Intel attached

The Apple iWatch smartwatch is the subject of renewed rumor and speculation this morning, with Intel of all companies now being attached to the project. Low power Bluetooth 4.0 is along for the ride as well, of course, so it can instantly pair with an iPhone or iPad, as well as a 1.5-inch display, and a supposed release window pegged at the first half of 2013. In other words, soon.

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