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smartphone theft

iPhone theft down by 40% in San Francisco, 25% in New York thanks to Activation Lock

The introduction of Activation Lock was credited by the FCC in December as the main factor behind the reduction in iPhone-related theft, and new data suggests that the trend has continued since. The latest numbers reveal a decline of 40 percent in the number of iPhones stolen in San Francisco and 25 percent in New York between September 2013 and September 2014.

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The UK government unsurprisingly finds that the iPhone 5s is more prone to theft

The UK government published a new report highlighting mobile theft in the country. According to the statistics, iPhones are more likely to be targeted in a theft, followed by BlackBerry smartphones and Samsung's offerings.

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Manufacturers and carriers get together to bring anti-theft tools to smartphones

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are but a few of the names that have announced a commitment to including features to deter smartphone theft in all future products. Even the carriers are on board, with the big four announcing support and commitment as well.

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SF District Attorney puts iOS 7 Activation Lock to the test, shares thoughts

Last week San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón and New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced they would be putting Apple's recently announced Activation Lock feature to test. Details of the tests remain private, but for now Gascón is saying that "clear improvements" have been made.

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A look inside the murky world of smartphone trafficking

It's a sad truth, but smartphones get stolen all the time, many never to be seen by their loving owners again. But, especially in the age of tracking apps like Find My iPhone, how come so many disappear? Where do they all go? Besides the opportunistic thief, there's organized gangs that actually ship large quantities of them out of the U.S. Jerry Deaven of Homeland Security told The Huffington Post that these organizations are shipping millions of dollars worth of phones out of the country every month:

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Shared database will allow AT&T and T-Mobile to curb smartphone theft

AT&T and T-Mobile are joining forces in order to try and curb the rising rate of stolen smartphones by way of a shared database project backed by both the CTIA and FCC. The system will allow either carrier to flag an IMEI number as stolen which will render the device useless on either network.

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