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Best Alternatives to Apple Watch

As much as I enjoy my Apple Watch, I know it's not the be-all, end-all wrist-mounted wearable. If the Apple Watch just isn't for you, here are some other options worth checking out!

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This is Pebble Steel: First look at the sleeker, classier new smartwatch

Pebble makes the best damn smartwatch in the world, as far as we're concerned — full disclosure: it works with iOS! — but for some people the bright colors and plastic material just wan't classy enough for all occasions. It was an iPhone 5c without an iPhone 5s. Well, no longer. Pebble has just announced the all-new Pebble Steel — in silver and black — and here it is!

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Pebble smartwatch app update for iOS 7 notifications now live

The folks at Pebble let us in on their major update for iOS 7 Notification Center support last week, and today the iOS app has been updated with all the functionality we've been waiting for. You'll need to be running Pebble OS v1.13.0 on your watch as well, but otherwise you just need to snag the latest version of the app and you're good to go.

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