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Social Apps

Here helps you stay connected with your friends

Here is a new app for iPhone that helps you stay connected to your friends. The apps lets you find the friends around you and broadcast your location to them. You can sign up with an email address or register with your Facebook account.

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Swarm for iPhone review: It's not Foursquare, and here's why that's great!

Swarm by Foursquare is a new social checkin and meetup up for iPhone. At first I was a little stumped. Why would I need Swarm if my friends and I already use Foursquare? However, as I started using Swarm I started to change my mind. It's a different app and it's useful for something that's both similar and yet very different from Foursquare β€” seeing what your friends are up to and figuring out how and where to meet up with them.

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Pinterest introduces Guided Search for iPhone and iPad

Pinterest, the popular social network for sharing carefully curated collections of everything that interests you, has just updated their iPhone and iPad app to version 3.6 and added a new marquee feature β€” Guided Search. You can check it out in the videos above and below, but the basic idea is to help you not only find stuff you like but chance upon stuff you didn't know you'd like.

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Best apps for iPhone: Riposte, Netbot, and Felix!

Looking for the absolute best iPhone apps in the App Store? You've come to the right place! provides a ton of different services, including the Alpha micro-blogging platform that works just like Twitter but with a larger character limit and a business model that's far more friendly to developers and people in general. All of that has combined to make a nerd-oasis on the internet and on the iPhone. There are lots of different apps on the App Store each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. But which ones are the very best?

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Steller for iPhone lets you turn your photos and videos into shareable stories

Steller for iPhone lets you create beautiful stories through your images, words, and videos. Create categories and then fill them with all of your memories. You can then share your creations however you'd like. Need inspiration? You can easily check out what other Steller members are creating too.

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Best Twitter apps for iPad: Twitterrific, Echofon Pro, HootSuite, and more!

While Safari is a perfectly acceptable way to browse Twitter on your iPad, that doesn't mean it's the best experience. For that there are native Twitter apps. Whether you're a casual tweeter who just wants to follow their favorite celebs or a veteran wanting to manage lists and mute filters, there's an iPad Twitter app for you. Here are my current favorites and who I think they're best suited for...

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Secret for iPhone review: Get your nosy, anonymous, drama creep on!

Secret for iPhone is part of a new wave of social networking. Secret lets you post what's on your mind but lets you do it anonymously. Your friends can still see what you write, and the friends of your friends, and even the entire network if it becomes popular enough. You can all comment back and forth as well. Your friends just won't know you wrote it. (At least they won't be able to prove it!) Secret keeps your identity hidden behind generic avatars in an attempt to remove your inhibitions, your concerns about being judged or facing repercussions. But does it work?

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Why you should delete every travel app from your iPhone and just use Foursquare

I recently went on vacation for a few weeks. Given my job at iMore, I did what any of you would expect me to do β€” I loaded up my iPhone with all the interesting travel apps I could find, all the ones I thought would help me explore more, all the ones that would help me make the most of my time in London and Paris. Guess what? I ended up not using any of them. What I ended up using was an app I'd had installed on my iPhone for years... Foursquare.

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Faast for iOS gives you one unified social and RSS stream to rule them all

Faast for both iPhone and iPad is a new subscription based app that lets you combine your social accounts and news feeds into one easy to access stream. Aside from one unified place to view all things news and social, Faast has some great sharing and discussion features that adds another layer of social networking.

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Prismatic for iOS: A great way to find the news that interests you

Prismatic for iPhone and iPad gives us a new way to discover and read news that interests us. First and foremost, Prismatic is a community. Find and follow topics that interest you and Prismatic takes care of the rest by feeding in stories that pertain to what it thinks you find interesting. Vote things up or down, leave comments, share stories, and more.

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