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T-Mobile US looking to offer more Apple products, could have eyes on the iPad

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere has said that more Apple products are coming to the carrier. Currently, the carrier offers the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 to its customers. Legere indicated that T-Mobile would soon carry a variety of Apple devices in speaking with All Things D:

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T-Mobile US to offer iPhone 5 for no money down for limited time starting tomorrow

T-Mobile US customers can get high-end smartphones like the iPhone 5 for $0 up front with the carrier's new promotion, which starts tomorrow. The offer is open to both new and existing T-Mobile customers. The promotion is just another part of T-Mobile's efforts to get people to switch, as indicated by CEO John Legere as part of T-Mobile's statement:

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T-Mobile introduces JUMP, upgrade/replace your phone any time you want (theoretically)

T-Mobile US has announced JUMP, a new phone trade-in program that lets customers upgrade their phone twice per year, or replace it in case of screen breakage, water damage, or device failure. For $10 per month, Jump allows customers to trade in their current phone and buy a new one for the same price as a new customer would. Additionally, customers will trade-in their old devices without having to pay off the remaining balance due. Here's how T-Mobile describes Jump:

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T-Mobile US raises down payment price of iPhone 5 to $149 very, very quietly

T-Mobile US has quietly raised the minimum down payment on the iPhone 5 from $99 to $149. When announcing iPhone availability at the end of March, little a word said about the fact that the initial $99 price tag for the 16GB iPhone 5 was a limited time promotional offer.

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T-Mobile + MetroPCS merger finalized

The T-Mobile USA/MetroPCS merger has been finalized. The merged company will be known as T-Mobile US, Inc., and will trade under the stock symbol TMUS. T-Mobile will leverage the spectrum from MetroPCS in order to build out it’s LTE network, which they only began to rollout at the end of March. BusinessWire reports:

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T-Mobile takes shots at Apple/AT&T in their newest TV ad

T-Mobile's latest TV add takes shots at Apple and AT&T alike, exclaiming that they now have "America's Largest 4G Network". They also pit their new myTouch 4G against the iPhone 4 in what seems oddly similar to the Mac vs. PC commercials of yesteryear.

Whether or not you believe HSPA+ is really 4G, T-Mobile is careful not take direct shots at the iPhone. It mainly focuses on AT&T's known network limitations (specifically the fact they don't allow 3G video calling). T-Mobile probably made the right decision there as I'm sure they would love to get their hands on the iPhone to help bolster their sales.

Check out the video after the break and let us know your thoughts on T-Mobiles shots at Apple/AT&T.

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Regarding All Those iPhone on T-Mobile US Stories

Regarding all those iPhone on T-Mobile US stories clogging the interwebs lately: that's all they are -- stories. No leaked carrier roadmaps, no Cupertino commuters logging into popular Twitter apps via a T-Mobile IP. No Steven P. Jobs standing on a stage, announcing the CEO of T-Mobile, and a new, magenta (TM) iPhone.

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