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Will the tablet market be more like the PC market or Smartphone market?

The PC market developed very differently from how the smartphone market is taking form. Because of this, it’s interesting to think about how the tablet market will unfold.

Will it be more like the PC market, where we had one dominant OS (Microsoft) and one much smaller player (Apple)? Or will it develop more like the smartphone market where we have multiple viable platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone?

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Tablet (read: iPad and Kindle) ownership almost doubled over the holidays

According to Pew Research, tablet ownership among U.S. consumers nearly doubled from 10 percent to 19 percent over the holiday season.

The Pew project conducted three surveys, one in mid-December and two at the beginning of 2012. The results show a marked increase in ownership of tablets, e-readers, and the hybrids that exist somewhere between those two categories.

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The personal computer market -- with and without Apple's iPad

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore has taken a red pen to IDC's graph of the personal computer market and corrected it to include Apple's iPad. The difference, of course, is industry reversing.

2011 was supposed to be the year of the Android tablet. One year later, Android tablets have failed to meet expectations and for the most part have been unsuccessful.

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Non-iPad tablet sales put into perspective

Marco Arment decided to compare the sale of non-iPad tablets (excluding the TouchPad, as no numbers are available) with those of obscure gaming devices past. The result is the graph above. Note:

I didn’t include the iPad’s approximately 30 million units on here because it distorted the graph’s scale too much.


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