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T-Mobile's latest Uncarrier move is all about thanking you

T-Mobile is once again looking to change the wireless industry with its latest Uncarrier announcement. This time around the carrier is all about thanking its customers

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T-Mobile adds Google Play Music, Spotify, Qello Concerts and more to BingeOn

T-Mobile has announced that it has once again added a number of new BingeOn partners. This time, the carrier has added Google Play Music, Tidal, Univision and several others that are no able to stream without impacting your data limit.

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T-Mobile customers can sign up for MLB.TV Premium for free during Opening Week

With the Major League Baseball season right around the corner, T-Mobile has announced that once again it will be an official sponsor. Because of this, T-Mobile customers can get a free subscription to MLB.TV Premium, as well as At Bat Premium, a $130 value.

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T-Mobile adds new BingeOn partners, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others

T-Mobile has announced a number of new partners for its BingeOn program, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others.

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T-Mobile offers unlimited data four lines for $150/month, 10GB/line for $120

T-Mobile has brought back its popular "fourth line free" promotion and this time they are including unlimited data options for those who need it. You can grab four lines with unlimited data for $150 a month, or 4 lines with 10GB each for $120.

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It turns out T-Mobile really is throttling all video through BingeOn, according to the EFF

The EFF has produced a series of tests that reveal T-Mobile's BingeOn service really is throttling all video that comes through its network.

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T-Mobile offers Verizon customers a free year of Hulu and 50% off select accessories

T-Mobile is making it sweeter for Verizon customers who want to make the switch to its network. The carrier is offering a year of Hulu for free, as well as 50% off select accessories.

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T-Mobile's Un-carrier X move brings free unlimited video streaming, doubles data for Simple Choice

T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move, Un-carrier X, brings free unlimited video streaming and double the data for families.

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T-Mobile's Super Smartphone Deal promo will save you $100 on a new iPhone

T-Mobile is running a new promotion, the Super Smartphone Deal, which saves you $100 on the purchase of a new iPhone. The deal is only valid online, and can't be combined with any other offers.

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T-Mobile brings back its four lines with 10GB of data for $120 promotion for a limited time

T-Mobile has announced that for a limited time it is bringing back its fourth line free promotion under the 10GB for all plan. This gets you four lines with 10GB of data each for just $120 a month.

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