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Wearable Device

Google also now rumored to be working on an Android smart watch

There has been much speculation regarding the supposed Apple iWatch, but they aren’t the only ones said to be working on a smartwatch, with Samsung and now Google said to be putting effort behind such a device. A 2011 patent filing suggests that Google could be working on a smartwatch, in addition to their head-mounted Glass project.

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Rumor: Apple working on wearable iPod with Siri control

Apple is rumored to be testing wearable iPod-like devices that fit around your wrist and controlled not by touch, but with your voice using Siri. The concept may be difficult to understand for some, but if you think of devices like the new Jawbone UP -- or even Apple's own iPod Nano paired with wrist watch bands -- the idea starts to become a bit more clear.

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