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Web Development

Google releases official Analytics app for iPhone and iPad

Checking to see how well your web properties are performing is an absolute breeze when utilizing one of many solutions available today. Google Analytics is a popular, free analytics suite for websites and the search giant has just released an official app for the iPhone and iPad. Downloading and installing this client will enable webmasters to log into their Google accounts and really dig deep at exactly how visitors are interacting with services and pages available.

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Dreamweaver CC adds Live Highlight, enhanced CSS Designer, more

Adobe on Tuesday announced an update to Dreamweaver CC, the version of their web development software available to subscribers of Adobe's Creative Cloud service.

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How websites are adapting for the new iPad Retina display and other HiDPI screens

Following the launch of the new iPad there's been a lot of discussion about how, and where or even whether, websites should update to support the needs of HiDPI screens like Apple's Retina display. If users are going to be looking at websites on a Retina display iPad, and one day Retina display Macs, HiDPI Android and Windows displays, and other high density screens, having them look as good as possible is a definite concern.

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iPhone, iPad Don't Support ActiveX Either

I've mentioned a couple times already, given the recent flare-up in the discussion about iPad and iPhone not supporting Flash, that not so long ago you had a hard time using any browser other than IE6 because of another proprietary plugin -- Microsoft's ActiveX. Times change, though, and these days Firefox, Safari, and Chrome users seldom if ever come across the big red X. It's possible Flash and its blue lego block will soon be likewise optional on major sites.

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