Target offering $100 gift cards with $479 iPad Air this Black Friday

Target offering $100 gift cards with $479 iPad Air this Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us for another year, and Target has let us take an early look at the Apple specific deals it will be offering. According to the advertisement, you'll be able to pick up a new 16GB iPad Air for $479 – a slight saving on Apple retail price – with a $100 gift card thrown in for good measure.

Other Apple deals at Target include the latest Apple TV for $89, a 16GB iPad mini for $299 with a $75 gift card, gift cards with the purchase of an iPhone 5s or iPod touch and $10 off a $60 pack of iTunes gift cards.

The prices are valid between November 28 and November 30, and to take a closer look at these and any other Target Black Friday deals, hit up the source link below. Anything taking your fancy?

Source: Target

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Target offering $100 gift cards with $479 iPad Air this Black Friday


It might be cheaper for at Best Buy for the new iPad, but Walmart has the Ipad mini for $299 and a $100 gift card making it only $199. Thats still a good deal best buy is offering. Im sure they will go quick. Good Luck

Steven, are you sure that is for the Retina iPad mini and not last years model without the Retina display? Last year's model is usually $299 and this years is usually $399. Today is the first day of sales for the new mini, so it could be they are advertising last years model with the $100 gift card. I believe Target is advertising the non-Retina one at $299.

I think I'm in on the Target ad. I was already going to buy two iPad Minis. I'm doing a little math here, now. If I get them from Micro Center, they'll cost $279 each. At Target, $300 with a $75 gift card. I'm sold.

I wonder if target will price match best buys offer for $449 and still give you the $100 gift card?? Wouldn't hurt to try

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