Updated Apple iPad and Mac event wallpaper

Apple iPad mini event Retina wallpaper

Apple has put up some new artwork for their iPad and Mac event today, so we went ahead and made an updated, though still quick and dirty version for Retina wallpaper. It's 2048x2048 so it'll fit a Retina iPad perfectly. It'll also fit a Retina iPhone or iPod touch, just center it up and crop off the sides.

To use the wallpaper, tap the image below to open it full size, then touch and hold down on the image below, save to Camera Roll, go to Settings, Brightness and Wallpaper, choose Camera Roll, and choose the image.

Enjoy the wallpaper and make sure you join us for our live live event commentary at imore.com/live starting off just before 10am PT/1pm ET.

And here's the previous version:

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Updated Apple iPad and Mac event wallpaper