Want a reduced price Google Music All Access subscription? Today's your final chance!

I would have hoped that this day would come after the launch of the official iOS application, but anyway; if you're interested in Google Music All Access today is your last chance to get in at the reduced price. For anyone who signs up before the end of today, the monthly fee will be $7.99, $2 less than the regular price that will come into effect as of tomorrow. Signing up is real easy, and comes with a 30-day free trial so you can put it through its paces before Google takes your money.

It's important to remember that the service is only available in the US, and at the moment to use it on your iOS device you'll need a third-party client like gMusic. We do know for sure that Google is bringing it to iOS in an official capacity, so for the sake of saving $24 a year on the overall cost a minor inconvenience in the immediate future could be overlooked. If you've already joined up, be sure to jump into the comments below and let me know how you're finding it.

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Want a reduced price Google Music All Access subscription? Today's your final chance!


I want a blue iPod 5th generation because my iPod 2g canning do the thing that the 5g can and its the latest iPod and blue is my favorite color

I recently traded my note 2 for an iPhone 5 because of ease and convenience for my job. I enjoyed gmaa when I was on my android and I kept the service even when I switched but found out that the 3rd party client doesn't support playlist created.

I really want to keep my subscription but this wait is killing me. I already got charged forums 1st month and I hate to get charged again and not fully use it. I need me online music!