17 thousand iMore readers have voted! Find out who's getting an iPhone 6... and who's getting an iPhone 6 Plus!

The iPhone 6 is the next generation iPhone from Apple. The iPhone 6 Plus is the next generation iPhone from Apple with a bigger screen, longer battery life, optical image stabilization, and iPad-style apps in landscape. But, big. As much tiny iPad as it is huge iPhone. And that's led to a lot of questions and concerns over which one to get. We posted our iPhone buyers guide to try and help you choose, and then we asked you what choice you made. Almost 17K of you responded. So what was the answer? Which iPhone — iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus — will you be getting?

No surprisingly, you were split right down the middle.

With 16,899 votes counted as of publication time, 49.35% of you are going for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 50.65% are going for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

Why so close? My best guess is that, with few people having had the chance to try both out, feel both in the hand and pocket, and try the differentiating features like camera and split views out in person, many simply went for what they assumed the new flagship iPhone was based on price — the iPhone 6 Plus.

Traditionally big phones haven't been as popular in North America as they have been in Asia. Part of that is because Apple is popular in North America and they didn't make a big phone until now. Part of that is because cheap big phones are popular in Asia and, well, Apple didn't doesn't make one of those.

Will feelings chance when phones arrive at the door or get picked up in store? Will some people wish they'd gone bigger or smaller? No doubt. But how many and how much it skews towards iPhone 6 is something only Friday can tell.

Over 150 of you also left comments explaining why you chose the way you did. Here are some highlights:

6 Plus. I've wanted a phablet for quite a long time now, but have been unwilling to sacrifice the iOS ecosystem to get one. Now I don't need to make that sacrifice, easy decision. - paulrizzuto

6 plus. Both will sell great considering the poll results. Love the big screen but can't deal with samsungs products. - ethansawicki

I'm getting the 6, the 6 Plus is beautiful, but I already have and iPad Mini Retina. I'm going for the space gray, 64GB, with a black Apple leather case. - F0REVERY0UNG-

Intrigued to see what iOS looks like on a 5.5" screen but will not be wavered. I think and have always thought 4.5-4.7 is the perfect screen size, especially on iOS. Even though there is a 5.5" option, without it, we would all be enamored with any bump in screen size. I like the compactness Apple strives for, .7 is a huge jump from 4, and this is already exciting enough for me. Can't effin wait. - alca1717

If you haven't already, go vote in the poll and then come back here and let me know if the results and the comments help convince you you've made the right choice, or have you wondering if you should have made a different one.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrive tomorrow!