If you're a little worried about being an early adopter of Apple's new M1 chip, you're the luckiest person right now, during Black Friday, because the Intel-based MacBook Air is discounted by $200. This isn't even last year's model. It's the same MacBook Air that launched earlier in 2020 with the redesigned scissor-switch keyboard and Touch ID.

Starting at just $799 for the 256GB model, this is probably the lowest price you're ever going to see for the early 2020 MacBook Air on Black Friday, making it the best deal of the year.

Lowest ever

Macbook Air 2020 Silver

MacBook Air (Early 2020)

The MacBook Air that launched earlier this year is exactly the same as the MacBook Air that launched earlier this month, except it has Intel inside instead of Apple Silicon. While the M1 chip out-performs Intel, it's a brand new processor that you may not want to be an early adopter of.

From $799 From $999 $200 Off

This model MacBook Air launched in March of 2020 and was the first Mac laptop to come with Apple's redesigned (retro designed ... if you will) keyboard that ditched the hotly contested butterfly switch and brought back the scissor switch mechanism. It is powered by Intel's 10th-generation Ice Lake chip with a 10-nanometer process, which made it the most powerful MacBook Air ever ... until a few weeks ago.

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The new MacBook Air with M1 (Apple's name for its custom processor chip) is more powerful and has significantly longer battery life, but it all comes at a risk. Not every app works with M1 right now, which means some people just can't afford to upgrade to Apple silicon, and I don't just mean because of the price. Some people just have to stick with Intel inside in order to be sure their daily workload isn't disrupted by incompatibility issues (there are very few incompatibility issues, but they do exist).

Macbook Air 2020 Shelf HeroSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

If you don't care which type of processor your laptop has, or if you don't want to be an early adopter of this brand new technology, the MacBook Air of early 2020 is exactly the model I would recommend to you even if it weren't on sale for Black Friday.

This MacBook Air is exactly the same as the brand new, 3-week-old, MacBook Air with M1 except for a few key features. One big change is with an improved webcam experience. The new model has the same 720P camera, but has improved image signal processing, so you look better in a variety of lighting situations. There is another very significant upgrade, which is the M1 chip. This is not just a small speed bump. Apple's custom silicon is showing massive processing power and efficiency improvements that makes the new MacBook Air with M1 a game-changer for the computing industry.

But those are the only differences. The early 2020 MacBook Air has the same design, same screen, same Touch ID, same Magic Keyboard, same colors, and same storage capacity.

Which is what makes this deal so incredible. Normally, this model is only $100 off, but this Black Friday deal on Macbook Air drops it down by $200, starting at just $799 for the 256GB storage model. Even the 512GB storage model is $200 off at $1,099, so you don't have to compromise on capacity.

Seriously. I highly recommend this purchase if you're not concerned at all about Apple's M1 chip, or worry about compatibility issues, and you want a new, fast, and fantastic MacBook Air right now.

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