While there are a number of great online backup services available, if you're serious about keeping backups, you need a local drive sitting somewhere in your home (or with you) so that you have backups on hand when you need them. For Cyber Monday, pick up the massive 5TB Seagate Backup Plus for $89.99 to get a large amount of storage at a wonderfully low price.

Back it all up

Seagate Backup Plus 5TB

Seagate Backup Plus 5TB

Back up everything and then some.

With 5TB of storage, the Seagate Backup Plus is a portable hard drive with enough space for everything in your digital life, from photos to your most important documents.

The Backup Plus drive from Seagate is a large portable drive that's great for a number of different potential uses. With 5TB of storage, it's great as a portable Time Machine drive for your MacBook Pro, or even for your desktop if you want something small and out of the way.

Photographers that like to keep their libraries on an external drive may be intrigued by the included two-month subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography plan, or the one year of Mylio Create. Even if you shoot large RAW files, a 5TB drive for your library will still last you for a while.

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While larger than some other drives, the Backup Plus is still small enough to go into most bags. The included USB 3.0 connector will deliver fast data transfer speeds so you can back up quickly or edit photos directly from the drive without significant lag.

If you need an absolutely massive amount of storage in a portable drive, grab a Seagate Backup Plus this Cyber Monday.

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