AirTag in red leather loopSource: Joe Keller / iMore

I don't know if it was the almost two-year rumor cycle or the fact that I never leave the house, but the idea of an AirTag was low on the list of things that excited me when it arrived on my doorstep last week. Right now it's attached to my car key and sure, it's probably going to save my bacon one day. But it isn't what I'd call my favorite Apple item. Not by a long shot. But that won't matter when Apple sells a bajillion of these things.

And sell a bajillion, it just might. We ran a poll asking a simple question – are you planning to buy Apple's AirTag? Turns out, a lot of people want to pick up an AirTag or four. Or already have, for that matter.

At the time of writing 75% of those who voted said that they have, or will have, at least one AirTag. Granted, maybe the iMore audience skews towards those who would intend to buy pretty much anything with an Apple logo on it, But another study by SellCell found that 60% of iPhone owners intend to buy an AirTag. The reality is probably somewhere between the 60% and 75% numbers and that's still a lot of AirTags. Especially when you consider most people will likely buy more than one of these things.

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AirTag KeychainSource: Joe Keller / iMore

Priced at $29, AirTag is one of the least costly things Apple sells right now and that's probably helping. But it's a shame that Apple will likely never tell us exactly how many AirTags have been sold because it'll be rolled into the Wearables category. Even at $29 each, that still adds up pretty quickly if you sell enough units. And when you're talking about around 70% of iPhone users, that's a truckload of units.

Lots of truckloads of units!

Anyone who isn't going all-in on AirTag should probably check out our collection of the best Bluetooth trackers as well. There are plenty to choose from!