If you are tired of paying high monthly fees for an outdated home security system that doesn't feature smart home controls, then it's time to upgrade to the Abode iota All-in-One Home Security Kit. Abode's HomeKit security system comes with everything that you need to get started — a gateway unit with an integrated siren, HD camera, motion sensor, a single door/window sensor, and a remote key fob.

Thanks to some stellar Cyber Monday deals from Amazon and Abode, you can save 20% on the iota starter kit, and you can expand its reach with sales on additional accessories. Plus, since Abode's system is DIY, you can secure your home entirely through HomeKit without a subscription if you want to cut out the monthly bill.

The complete package

Abode iota home security starter kit on a white background

Abode iota All-in-One Home Security Kit

Secure all the things

The iota Security Kit includes the all-important Gateway that features a built-in camera, motion sensor, siren, and hub capabilities. This set also comes with a door/window sensor and a handy key fob so that you can arm and disarm your system with ease.

Stock up while you can

Abode door and window sensor being installed on a doorSource: Abode

If you already have an Abode iota Security Kit or want your new system to cover your entire home, this Cyber Monday is also a great time to stock up on accessories. Abode is currently offering great deals on all of its security accessories directly from its online store, so you can put a sensor on every door or window for maximum coverage, or you can pick up extra key fobs so that everyone in the home has convenient home control.

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During my review of the Abode iota Security Kit, I fell in love with the Abode Mini Door/Window Sensor's attention to detail, fast response times, and extra-long four-year battery life. Abode's sensor has the best design of all of the door and window sensors that I have tested over the years, with a slick velcro peel and stick mounting system that makes it easy to replace batteries when the time comes.

Abode also offers some genuinely unique accessories like the Slim Strip Sensor that slips underneath your window for a cleaner look, as well as a Recessed Door/Window Sensor that hides right inside of your door frame. Even the Abode Keypad 2.0 offers more than traditional control units as it sports an integrated motion sensor that works with HomeKit.

Maximum coverage

Abode Mini Door Window Sensor

Abode Mini Door/Window Sensor

Secure all the things

The Abode Mini Door/Window Sensor attaches directly to your home's entry points with a slick peel and stick design that is easy to reposition. These compact sensors can last up to four years before needing a battery swap, so you can set it and forget it.

Hidden security

Abode Recessed Door and Window Sensor

Abode Recessed Door/Window Sensor

Clean looks, smart security

Abode's Recessed Door/Window Sensor is the only HomeKit-enabled security solution that hides insides of your door and window frames. After installation, you get all of the benefits of a door and window sensor, like instant notifications, without sacrificing your decor.

Save even more

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