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Best iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors 2022

Apple iPhone 14 Pro hosts a variety of exciting features like Dynamic Island, a fresh design, new camera, video features, and the A16 bionic chip — the fastest chip in a smartphone ever! Naturally, all these premium features come at a premium price, so you’ll want to protect your investment. Keep your iPhone safe and scratch free with the best iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors.

Protect your investment 

As the best iPhone ever made, you'll want to make sure your iPhone 14 Pro remains protected and scratch-free. With such a high price tag, this is an investment that warrants safeguarding. You can get an iPhone 14 Pro case to start, but a screen protector should always be next on your to-buy list.

We recommend the OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard above all other picks because it’s designed specifically for iPhone. This anti-glare screen protector delivers premium anti-glare performance, vivid display readability, screen clarity, and will protect your iPhone 14 Pro from drops, scrapes, and scratches.

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, check out the Ferilinso Privacy Screen Protectors. This pack features three screen protectors that all have a privacy finish that makes your screen unreadable to those around you, while providing your eyes with vivid display clarity.

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