Save your gadgets with this fantastic surge protector that just got an even bigger discount

HANCONY surge protector
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In a world of Macs, iPads, and iPhones, a power strip may not be the most exciting piece of tech you own. And yet, if you've ever had your expensive tech saved by a surge protector, you'll know just how invaluable they can be. 

If you're using anything that requires charging, a surge protector is a must, helping keeping anything connected to your outlet functioning if there's a power surge, and there are plenty of Cyber Monday discounts to check out.

This one happens to be one of our favorites, with the HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip able to pack 12 sockets into a small space while protecting them all. It's also been discounted even further, with 41% off now - even better than the 26% off earlier this week.

A Cyber Monday surge protector deal to check out

HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip | $26.99 $15.99 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip | $26.99 $15.99 at Amazon

This accessory has 12 ports for connecting your most important household appliances and devices, like your iMac, iPhone charger, lights, and more. 

The HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip features a three-sided design with eight AC outlets and four USB charging ports. With Smart IC technology, the USB ports can auto-detect to deliver the appropriate current to your devices (up to 5W/2.4A max per port). 

Each outlet on the HANYCONY Surge Protector Power Strip is spaced 2.2 inches away from the next, which makes it possible to fit big adapters without blocking each other. Additionally, the accessory comes with overload surge protection, so your devices are protected from lightning, surges, and spikes. Finally, it offers a minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 900 joules. 

The accessory also has a wall-mountable 4.5-foot extension cord with a flat plug. The low-profile flat plug easily fits tight spaces and prevents bottom plug blocking. 

If you cashed in on a terrific Black Friday deal on one of the best Macs, such as the MacBook Air (2022), having a workhorse surge protector power strip is eventual. Consider the one from HANYCONY. 

There are lots of Cyber Monday available, so be sure to check back to iMore often to see what new deals we uncover and save plenty of money.

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