Nomad's new $40 Tracking Card works with your iPhone's Find My app and has a rechargeable battery

Nomad Tracking Card in hand next to an iPhone with Find My
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Top iPhone and Apple accessory maker Nomad has today unveiled its brand-new Tracking Card, a slim and rechargeable tracker for your wallet or purse. 

Priced at just $40, Nomad’s new Tracking Card is a credit card-shaped tracker you can place amongst your valuables to keep track of where they are. The card is rechargeable and can be located using Apple’s Find My app on all of its best iPhones, iPads, or Macs. As such, if you lose it, you can track it down using the Apple Find My network. While it might not have the precision finding of Apple’s AirTag, its convenient shape and size make it perfect as a slim AirTag alternative for keeping extra tabs on your valuables. 

The body is made from polycarbonate, and it's IPX7 waterproof and dustproof, so it’s pretty rugged. The battery on board will last for 5 months on a full charge, and you can top it up using any Qi or MagSafe charger.

AirTag 4 pack |$99$79 at Amazon

AirTag 4 pack | $99 $79 at Amazon

Want to bag some trackers so that you can use Find My to track your stuff? This starter pack of 4 is a great way to get started. You’ll save $20 here, only $5 away from their previous lowest price.

Nomad’s Tracking Card is here 

Despite working with MagSafe, Nomad says the card itself doesn’t feature any magnets and won’t demagnetize or interfere with any of your other cards. Rather, it simply contains enough metal to attach to a MagSafe charger and receive a charge. 

Many of the best alternatives to Apple’s AirTag offer a bit more variety in form over Apple’s small tracking puck. The Nomad Tracking Card joins the Tile Slim as a credit card-shaped tracker, however, the former boasts a rechargeable battery that the Tile does not. 

As noted, the Nomad Tracking Card doesn’t feature precision finding (you need Apple’s fancy U1 chip for that), but it does use the Find My Network. As such, if you lose your wallet on a night out, the Nomad Tracking Card would be very handy in trying to work out which club you left your wallet in, but it won’t be able to take you to the exact spot on the dance floor. 

The new Nomad Tracking Card is available now from

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