Stop reading on your iPad and soothe your eyes with 34% off a Kindle bundle

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Kindles are great. I love mine - I read almost everything on it. It saves valuable space on my bookshelf and in my holiday bag, and the current generation of e-ink screens are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Once you've tried out a Kindle, you'll wonder how you ever went without one. I know I do.

You will want to protect your Kindle, however - I learned that lesson the hard way as my Kindle fell down a mountain and smashed its screen on a very large, very sharp rock at the bottom. At the moment, you can get a Kindle bundled with a case for some money off, saving you as much as $88. Hop on over to Amazon to find the savings.

Which Kindle bundle is best for me?

Kindle with Fabric cover |$139now $91 at Amazon

Kindle with Fabric cover | $139 now $91 at Amazon

The base model it may be, but it comes equipped with a front light, and its e-ink screen is plenty big and clear enough for any reader. The fabric case will protect the rear of the device, as well as the delicate screen. This is the Kindle deal for everyone, with a nice 34% saving.

I would like to say get a Kindle like mine, the Oasis. It's made of lovely feeling aluminum and has a backlit display with several levels or warm lighting to make it easier on the eyes. It's also, alas, over $200 - a lot to spend on an e-reader. No, instead, almost everyone should just go for the base model Kindle.

It's still very well built, and the screen now has a front light so you can read it in the dark. It has everything you could want in an e-reader, without any of the extra luxuries that might make it too expensive. This bundle comes with a case and a charging brick, giving you a package of all the extras you'll need too.

You can get other bundles on the other Kindle models as well, but Honestly? Just go with the base model. For the price, it is one of the best value e-readers out there. 'But I want to read on my iPad!' I hear you cry. You may want to, but the eye strain you might get from reading lots of small text on an LCD screen with bright backlighting can be pretty awful - an iPad is great for comics but not for a novel. For just under $100, you can get an excellent e-reader with a case. That's around seven full-price hardback books - and given there are literally hundreds of free books you can read with Amazon's Kindle service, I'll let you do the math.

If you still really want to read on an iPad, then make sure you go find a good deal with our best iPad deals and sales - might as well save some money while you're at it!

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