This new iPhone MagSafe charger is secretly a cardholder and stand combo

ESR HaloLock Battery Bank
(Image credit: ESR)

ESR makes some of the best iPhone accessories out there, and its HaloLock technology works extremely well with MagSafe. This battery back locks securely onto the back of your iPhone to charge the battery and holds up to two cards at the same time in a leather wallet attachment.

There's battery enough here for a couple of charges, depending on the device that needs juicing up, and it's compatible with a range of MagSafe devices.

Charging batteries and holding your money all at once

The first obvious use for the HaloLock Power Bank is to snap it onto the back of your best iPhone, helping to keep your device powered for longer. It will charge over the Magsafe coil in the back, or you can plug in a USB cable if you'd rather charge that way. It's a big battery for a device that's only 16.5 inches thick, clocking in at 5000MaH. The whole device only weighs 170g, so you're not going to feel it in your pocket.

The idea is to slim down your daily carry, with the included card slots and leather wallet. With the battery and wallet combo, you won't need to take a big bulky charger and thick wallet around with you, as you can just click the HaloLock Power Bank on the back of your phone, and have both in one. Thanks to the MagSafe compatibility, it will also work with some AirPods and Apple Watches as well.

The bank also has another trick in its deck – it triples as a stand. You can fold out the wallet and battery portion, making for a solid A-frame stance. your iPhone then clicks on the MagSafe portion, and then you've got a stand that lets you pivot the iPhone around depending on whether you need it portrait or landscape. It's a cool addition.

The HaloLock Power Bank will be available to buy from Amazon for $59, starting on April 6th. It's coming a little later in May to the UK and Europe. It's available in two colors – black, and brown. We're looking forward to trying it out, and hopefully, it lands on our list of the best portable battery banks for iPhone.

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