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Advanced True Tone display will debut on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

During Apple's March press event, Apple announced a new a new True Tone display for the newly revealed 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Apple says the True Tone display will measure the color temperature of ambient light and will adjust the color temperature to match. It includes two 4-channel ambient light sensors that can detect brightness and color temperature. That will allow for a warmer color temperature when the iPad Pro is inside warmer lighting conditions.

For more from the event, be sure to tune in to the iMore liveblog.

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  • Would love to see this on a Mac.
  • Very interested to see this in action. Hope there is a toggle for it though as this could get really annoying if you are someone who prefers cooler displays and wants it to stay cool all the time.
  • Well, that's irritating. I just recently purchased the much more costly, larger iPad Pro and it doesn't have this useful feature. Never pays to go for the first gen of anything from Apple.