AirPods get a new rival: the Nothing Ear 2 buds are coming this month

Nothing ear (1)
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The creator of some of the coolest modern see-through tech, Nothing, has revealed when it is going to announce the Nothing ear 2, the sequel to the successful Nothing ear 1. There's not much information here, but we do get a date and a time: March 22, at 15:00GMT. So we know what, we know when, and Nothing even tells us where, with a 'Watch on'.

Now it just needs to happen.


This announcement of an announcement comes on Twitter with not much more than a message: when (1) becomes (2).

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This doesn't tell us much about Nothings' new earbuds, or headphones, or audio devices, only that they seem to be in some way related to bugs. There is a small hint of form factor to the side of the image in the form of what looks to be a clear case, but beyond that, Nothing seems to be staying somewhat tight-lipped. iMore will of course be watching the announcement with eagle eyes, so we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Nothing has become well known for its approach to tech. It's well-priced stuff, with solid specs and some extremely cool designs. We got to play with the Nothing ear (1), and we loved the little buds - a great alternative to the AirPods 2. The Nothing ear stick upped the ante with some more features like noise canceling while retaining a bargain price and slick, transparent casing. There's also a phone in the line, called the Nothing (phone). It's again transparent and has an extremely cool LED rune design on the back that tells you what kind of notification you have coming in. It might not rival the best iPhones in terms of specs, but it certainly looks like something from the future.

Either way, we can't wait to have a listen to the Nothing ear (2), and see whether they stack up amongst the best AirPods alternatives.

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