AirPods help track down a stolen car

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Apple's Find My technology has once again helped someone reclaim what they had lost.

As reported by WMUR9, Mike McCormack had been warming up his car outside of his apartment. He realized he forgot his water bottle and, while he ran in to grab it, someone stole his car.

Two days later, he remembered that he left his AirPods, which feature Apple's Find My technology, in the car. McCormack said that "I left the gym with my girlfriend and decided to check the find my phone on my iPhone. And my AirPods just -- they popped up and said they found a location on East Road in Weare, New Hampshire. And I was like, 'let's get them right now.'"

Find My to the rescue!

They, of course, contacted the police who tracked down the car in Weare, New Hampshire where the suspects fled on foot before being captured by the local department.

Officer Laura Purslow with the Weare Police Department said that "thankfully, we had some very helpful citizens that were there that were on scene when the when the [sic] two suspects fled that were able to give us a good direction of travel and great descriptions of them, which we were able to push that out to our neighboring mutual aid agencies and get that information out and everything ended safely for everybody."

While you may be familiar with people hiding AirTags in the car so they can be tracked by them and the police in case it is stolen, AirPods are a lesser-known tracker. However, AirPods can also serve that role in a worst-case scenario as proved above.

Apple recently updated AirPods and added the product to the Find My app so users can try and find their lost or stolen AirPods. For third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you can actually see their updated location in the Find My app for up to 24 hours.

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