New update just made Focal’s Bathys the ultimate headphones for iPhone 15 Pro

Focal Bathys Dune
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We absolutely loved the sumptuous Focal Bathys Bluetooth headphones when we reviewed them — a superb, premium alternative to AirPods Max headphones with an eye-wateringly expensive price tag to match. Now they’re set to get even better, thanks to a new update set to make them the ultimate headphones to pair with the new iPhone 15 Pro

Announced today, the Focal Bathy’s new ‘MiMi’ update is set to hit the headphones soon, delivering an upgrade that will personalize the sound of the headphones just for you, your ears, and your unique hearing profile.

Have at you, AirPods Max.

The Focal Bathys are already one of the best sets of noise-canceling headphones for iPhone, taking the fight to the AirPods Max and coming out solidly on top. This new update, however, makes the sound even better for users of the admittedly costly headphones by first testing their hearing and then adjusting the sound profile to match.

Focal says that, “in its quest to offer its customers the very best” this Focal and Naim app update “allows users to configure the sound delivered by Bathys according to their hearing, thereby allowing them to enjoy the Focal sound regardless of their test results.”

Requiring the Focal and Naim app to work, the update has already appeared for some users so that they can give it a try. As for why the Bathys are the best headphones for the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s all to do with the USB-C port on the bottom of the device.

Taking advantage of USB-C

The Bathys have an inbuilt 24-bit DAC (or digital-to-analog converter) that takes high-resolution tracks and converts them better than the hardware in your phone for some epic sound quality. Now, with the iPhone 15 Pros USB-C port and the MiMi update, all you need is a single USB-C cable to plug one into the other for the ultimate on-the-go music experience.

To celebrate the new feature and to coincide with the iPhone launch, there’s a new color of the Bathys available as well, in the form of a very fetching shade of Dune. You can grab them in the UK from Selfridges for £699.

We already raved about the Bathys, and this update just makes them even better for iPhone users. The iPhone 15 Pro is on its way to us soon, with preorders launching today, and full release a week later on September 22. In the meantime, this writer has some more tunes to listen to with personalized audio in what might be her favorite wireless headphones ever put in a portable case.

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