The brand new Beats Studio Pro already have $50 off — but you still shouldn’t buy them

Beats Studio Pro folded
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The Beats Studio Pro aren't even officially out yet, but they're already reduced by $50 at B&H Photo, where you can preorder a pair for $299. Whether it's an error or a deliberate decision, if you want to save a little on the headphones then you'd better get in there fast so that the price doesn't zap itself into nothing.

We're here, however, to tell you that you shouldn't — because they're not very good.

Already $50 off

In our review, we gave the Beats Studio Pro two and a half stars. Now, that means a couple of things: It means that number one, they are functional, but also number two, they are not worth the asking price. Getting down to it, we concluded that for $150-$200 the Beats Studio Pro made a little more sense, but at full price, they are perhaps the worst-value headphones you can find.

You'll notice that the reduced price at B&H Photo still isn't that $200 price, and still $100 too much. Don't be tempted — they don't sound good, they're built like toys, and the new carrying pouch is a weird, nonsensensical decision. Thankfully, there are loads of other options if you want a better pair of over-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 sound better, feel better built, and block more noise than the Beats; and crucially you'll often find them at great prices under $300 at Amazon. The Sony WH-1000XM4 have superior noise canceling, and a much better case; you'll find then just over $300 at Amazon. There are more beyond, and they all present a far better value than the Beats. Stretch your budget by a few bucks and pick up the now regularly discounted AirPods Max — despite what you might read around, they're still way better than the Beats, and you can find those for around $450-$500 at Amazon.

Just avoid the Beats.

Tammy Rogers
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