Multiple AirTags used to track down a stolen car

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What you need to know

  • A man in Ontario used an AirTag to track down his stolen Range Rover.
  • The car theives had been able to disable the tracking system built into the car.
  • He hid three AirTags in his car to track it down once it was stolen.

A man in Ontario used three hidden AirTags to track down his stolen car — and eight others.

As reported by CP24 in Toronto, a man with the last name of Lorne realized that his Range Rover had been stolen in broad daylight outside of his house. According to his account, the car theives were able to bypass the built-in tracking system from the car manufacturer to avoid being caught.

"The thieves were able to disable the tracker in my car, put there by the manufacturer," Lorne said.Meanwhile, his wallet, along with his kids phones, which were in the car, were thrown out of the vehicle before it was stolen, which Lorne said he believes was a preventive measure to avoid him from tracking the location of his car.

Incredibly, someone stole his new Range Rover after he replaced the old one a mere thirty days after the original theft. Thankfully, Lorne had hidden three AirTags throughout the car and was able to work with the police to locate it this time.

Right away, he logged into his Find My app and located all three of his AirTags near Manville and Comsock roads in Scarborough, listed as a metal recycling plant.After dropping his kids at school, he headed to that location and called the police. With no success reaching an officer, he drove to the 41 Division police station. Toronto police spokesperson David Hopkinson confirmed to CTV News Toronto that a report of this nature was received by police on Thursday."I pressed my panic button and you heard it going off," Lorne said. "The next day I was told they recovered nine cars." Due to an ongoing investigation, police could not comment further on the incident.

It's good to see at least some people are using AirTags for their intended purpose.

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