Apple Music has been available on your run-of-the-mill Alexa devices, namely Echo and Dot and the like, for a while now. New, as of today, is Apple Music on the also Alexa-enabled Amazon Fire TV.


Apple Music is now available on Amazon Fire TV. Sort of. It's actually the Apple Music Alexa Skill — the same as what you'd use to listen to Apple Music on an Amazon Echo speaker. And given that a Fire TV is basically an Alexa with a big-ol' display attached to it, this kind of all makes sense.

You have to go into the Alexa app, enable the Apple Music skill, and then log into your Apple Music account to get it to light up. But once it does, it's all Apple Music for you, all the time. Well, as long as you ask Alexa, of course.

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Apple Music has been available on Android since launch and continuing to push it out across Amazon's product line just makes the same kind of sense: Get the service into as many ears as possible, while simultaneously making it more valuable to Family Plan subscribers who live in multi-platform households.

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Same reason iTunes is coming to Samsung televisions, and Airplay 2 to LG, Sony, and Vizio sets. (There have been rumors of Apple Music for Google Home as well but nothing official yet.)

It'll be interesting to see if Apple follows the same strategy when Apple News Premium and Apple Video launch some point following their announcement, expected to come at Apple's Show Time event on March 25.

Meanwhile, if you have Apple Music and Amazon Fire TV, let me know how it works — and sounds — for you.

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