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Apex Legends Mobile is an adapted version of the popular console and PC game specifically made for mobile devices. That being the case, there are several differences from the original game. At its core, it's still a free battle royale hero shooter where each team is working to be the last ones standing on the battlefield. To get a leg up, you'll want to choose the best characters for your playstyle and avoid any that just aren't that great to use.

Apex Legends Mobile character tier list

As of right now, this is how we feel the characters rank next to each other in Apex Legends Mobile. However, this ranking is likely to change with upcoming patches and updates.

Tier Characters
S Bloodhound, Gibraltar
A Octane, Wraith, Lifeline, Fade
B Bangalore, Pathfinder, Caustic
C Mirage


Apex Legends Mobile BangaloreSource: Respawn

Born Anita Williams, Bangalore served as a soldier most of her life, just like her parents and her brothers. She is incredibly disciplined but also loves to compete with her siblings.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Smoke Grenade: Makes it harder for opponents to see through the smoke.
Passive Ability Double Time: She moves faster if she's fired on while sprinting.
Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder: She throws a canister that will indicate where an airstrike will occur. Missiles then rain down within that area.

Playing tip: Bangalore is best used strategically in this iOS game rather than just bursting in with guns drawn. Get the lay of your opponent's positioning and then use her Smoke Grenade or Rolling Thunder abilities to lay traps or trap opponents within an area.


Apex Legends Mobile BloodhoundSource: Respawn

This masked hunter's home was destroyed by a flash freeze, with both of his parents being destroyed along with it. They were adopted by their uncle, who rejected technology and thus were raised in an old belief system, learning how to track and capture prey.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Eye of the Allfather: This lets Bloodhound see nearby enemies and/or traps for a limited amount of time, even if walls obscure them.
Passive Ability Tracker: He can tell where enemy footprints are.
Ultimate Ability Beast of the Hunt: Allows Bloodhound to move faster and spot highlighted enemies.

Playing tip: Since Bloodhound can see things that other teammates can't, it's important that whoever plays them uses their skills often and then relays what information they find to the team. Tell your teammates to get into a position to attack if you know where an enemy team is. Don't be coy after activating Beast of the Hunt. Run in towards your opponents and take them down as fast as possible.


Apex Legends Mobile CausticSource: Respawn

Alexander Maxwell Nox worked at a pesticide manufacturer for a short time before secretly testing gasses on human subjects. After being caught, he faked his own death and created a new persona, Dr. Mikhail Caustic.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Nox Gas Trap: He drops canisters that explore and cause damage.
Passive Ability Nox Vision: Allows him to see opponents through the dense cloud of gas.
Ultimate Ability Nox Gas Grenade: A large area gets enveloped in Nox gas, causing damage.

Playing tip: Caustic is more of a defensive character, so you don't want to have him running in at the forefront of battle if you can help it. Instead, you want to strategically plan out his attacks from afar and trap enemies in a way that will do a lot of damage.


Apex Legends Mobile FadeSource: Respawn

Fade has lived the high-stakes life of a mercenary up until his mercenary family perished in a "job that went wrong." Now he's fueled by revenge and hate. It's also worth noting that he's exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Flashback: Allows him to teleport to somewhere a few steps back from where he encountered an enemy.
Passive Ability Slipstream: Lets him easily slip into cover by boosting his movement speed at the end of sliding.
Ultimate Ability Phase Chamber: Fade drops a bomb that sends everyone within its blast radius into the void. That way, you can quickly protect your team or work to pick off disoriented opponents.

Playing tip: In many ways, Fade is like a variation on the game's most popular character, Wraith. You'll want to attack fast and hard and then use his flashback abilities to get out of harm's way. Due to his extreme offensive attack style, he is better suited for more skilled players.


Apex Legends Mobile GibraltarSource: Respawn

Gibraltar is described as a gentle giant who loves to protect and is often seen laughing heartily.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Dome of Protection: He places an energy shield that prevents attacks from penetrating it.
Passive Ability Gun Shield: While aiming, he is surrounded by a shield to protect himself.
Ultimate Ability Defensive Bombardment: After throwing a canister, an airstrike rains down, causing damage to enemies in that area.

Playing tip: Gibraltar is a protector, and as such, he works best when sticking close to his teammates. Use his Dome of Protection while a Lifeline player heals another team member, and together they can really keep your team going.


Apex Legends Mobile LifelineSource: Respawn

Ajay Che grew up in the floating city of Olympus as a close friend of Octane. After her parents died, she discovered that they had been war profiteers and did everything she could to become the opposite of what her parents had been.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability D.O.C Heal Drone: Also known as the Drone of Compassion, automatically heals anyone who is near it for a short time.
Passive Ability Combat Revive: She places a drone down that revives a fallen teammate so she can work on defending the downed friend.
Ultimate Ability Care Package: Lifeline makes a call that leads to a drop of helpful defensive items like body shields, helmets, Med Kits, and more. Each package has three items.

Playing tip: As a support character, Lifeline works best when sticking close to her teammates. Pair her with Gibraltar to shield the team while healing a fallen member. Before stopping to revive or heal a friend, make sure you are both situated somewhere relatively safe. You might even want to drop Care Packages just to lure enemy teams out of hiding and then ambush them.


Apex Legends Mobile MirageSource: Respawn

Elliot Witt is an outgoing inventor who talks a little too much. His most notable work deals with holograms, which he can use to confuse or distract opponents.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Psyche Out: He creates a hologram of himself to confuse enemies and can even control them.
Passive Ability Now You See Me...: This allows him to cloak whenever he uses a Respawn Beacon to bring fallen teammates back.
Ultimate Ability Life of the Party: Mirage creates several controllable decoys to confuse opponents.

Playing tip: Use his decoy abilities when you need to heal or reload. Initiate the holograms, and then duck somewhere safe while you get yourself in order. You can also hide somewhere safe and then make your hologram lure an enemy into a trap or away from your team as needed. Additionally, pay attention to how unmanned decoys behave and try to emulate that when running through as the real Mirage. This can confuse enemies allowing you to get close for a fatal attack.


Apex Legends Mobile OctaneSource: Respawn

Octavio Silva grew up in the floating city of Olympus and began performing heart-pounding stunts at an early age. He decided to live stream an insane stunt that involved rockets and landing in a pool during his father's fourth wedding. His video took off, and he's performed grandiose stunts ever since.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Stim: At the cost of health, Octane's walking speed increases by 30%, and his sprinting speed increases by 40% for six seconds.
Passive Ability Swift Mend: Octane regains health over the course of a small period.
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad: He places a jump pad that allows himself and his teammates to jump into the air, launching them in the direction they were going upon hitting the pad.

Playing tip: The thought of losing health is scary, but Stim is a useful ability that you'll want to use regularly to get Octane in a safer position or to flank enemies. Just make sure not to use it when his health is too low. If you need to quickly get somewhere or want to get the drop on opponents, put a pad down to get the whole team to a new location.


Apex Legends Mobile PathfinderSource: Respawn

A group of scientists worked together to create Pathfinder, programming him with their unique combat and medical skills.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Grappling Hook: Quickly pulls Pathfinder to a new area using, you guessed it, a grappling hook.
Passive Ability Insider Knowledge: If Pathfinder scans a Survey Beacon, it reduces the cooldown for his Ultimate Ability, Zipline Gun.
Ultimate Ability Zipline Gun: Places a zipline that anyone else can use. Allows the team to reach new places in a hurry.

Playing tip: Pathfinder works best as a recon expert. Use his grappling hook to get a good view of the field and then report back to your team with what you see. If you think it's best to reposition the whole team, lay down a zipline to get everyone from point A to point B quickly. Aside from quickly jumping off to scout around, you'll want to stick close to your team as this robot doesn't do well independently.


Apex Legends Mobile WraithSource: Respawn

When Renee Hope "Wraith" Blasey volunteered as a human test subject, the experiments made her lose her memory and hear voices. Now she uses her shift technology and the voices from the Void to her advantage to reposition herself and hunt down her enemies.

Ability Description
Tactical Ability Into the Void: She teleports around to place herself in a new location on the map.
Passive Ability Voices from the Void: Basically makes Wraith's spider-sense tingle by alerting her when danger approaches.
Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift: Allows Wraith to create a portal between two different locations that will remain active for one minute. Anyone can use it while it's active.

Playing tip: Wraith is perhaps the most popular character in Apex Legends Mobile. Use her portals to lay traps for enemies to follow and then ambush them. Though she can rift around, it's best not to make her sit still, keep moving or shift around to avoid being taken down in a single shot.

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