Alleged photo of iPhone 6 front leaks, showing larger screen real estate

A photo has been published on a Chinese forum, claiming to show off the larger front panel of the unannounced iPhone 6. According to the account which uploaded the image, what we're looking at is an iPhone factory. The iPhone 5s is also featured in the photo to act as a comparison, illustrating the increase in display size of the reportedly new front panel.

While it makes sense for Apple to up the size of its display in the next iPhone, we can't help but take this image with a grain of salt – and we strongly urge you all to do the same. Unfortunately, that's all we have from the photo and there's not much else to go on.

Whether this product actually becomes the iPhone 6 is yet to be seen, but would an iPhone this size do it for you?

Source: it168, via: 9to5Mac

Rich Edmonds