Honestly, with all the media we're spammed with on a daily basis from 24-hour news to YouTube to social media to streaming apps, sometimes it's nice to let your imagination wander with a good book. Thankfully, Amazon's newest Kindle e-reader is on sale for a low price of $59.99 meaning you can always have a good book (or several) with you wherever you go. This is a record low for the e-reader since its release back in March, 2019. The last time we saw it hit this price was during Black Friday sales.

You can also upgrade to the Essentials Bundle. It is $30 off as well, down to $94.99 from $125. The bundle includes the Kindle, a fabric cover, and a wall adapter for charging.

Curl up with several books

Amazon Kindle

The addition of the front light lets you read day or night with battery life lasting weeks. Do things like highlight, look up definitions, translate, and adjust text size. Select from millions of books to read on-demand with Kindle Unlimited.

$59.99 $89.99 $30 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Amazon's newest Kindle is well-designed for reading books at any time of the day. It even includes an adjustable front light so you can read in the dark or outside at night. The 167ppi glare-free display is designed to look and read like real paper, so you don't have to worry about glare or reflections while trying to read under lights or in the sun. You'll be able to highlight passages, look up words, translate, and more all directly on the page. Plus, because it's a tablet dedicated to books, it's designed with a battery that can last for weeks.

Amazon has a huge selection of millions of books available. Prime members can even get free books every month. You could also grab your Kindle with three months of free Kindle Unlimited and read as much as you want. The Kindle works with Audible to play audiobooks through a pair of Bluetooth headphones or speakers, too.

Other Kindle devices are also on sale for a limited time including the updated Kindle Paperwhite and recently-released Kindle Kids Edition with both returning to their Black Friday lows right now.

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