Anda Seat Marvel Gaming Chairs up to $275 off with promo code

Anda Seat Captain America Gaming Chair
Anda Seat Captain America Gaming Chair (Image credit: Anda Seaet)

A comfortable chair makes all of the difference when sitting at a computer for long stretches. Some of the best ones on the market are undoubtedly Anda Seat's gaming chairs, which feature steel frames, soft PVC leather, and memory foam pillows.

Anda Seat's limited-time deal lets you get premium gaming chairs at half off while supplies last. There are four Marvel designs to choose from: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. This special offer is valid from May 12 - June 12. However, whenever Anda Seat's chairs go on sale they sell out fast, so you'll want to jump on this offer while you can.


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Each of these four Marvel-themed gaming chairs features a unique design.

The Captain America gaming chair is the top-of-the-line option here. It has a very similar build to the Anda Seat Fnatic Edition, the gaming chair that I personally use and absolutely love. This Captain America version can hold up to 330 lbs and comes with an amazing lumbar pillow that scoots up and down along the back when you recline for perfect back support. Plus, it comes with a sweet circular floor mat in the shape of Captain America's shield.

The Spider-Man gaming chair has one of the coolest designs among the four options. It can also hold up to 330 lbs and also comes with an incredibly comfortable memory foam lumbar pillow. The holes in the chair are filled with a white material for that Spidey-eye look. It'll help you sit up straighter at your computer and when you're done, you can recline far back to take a nap. The included circular floor mat depicts a spiderweb with a spider symbol at the center.

Iron-Man has some seriously iconic coloring with that gold and red combo. The Arc Reactor that sits so prominently in Tony Stark's chest gloriously rests in the middle of the chair. It can hold up to 286 lbs and comes with removable lumbar and neck pillows. As a free gift, your purchase includes a round floor mat with a red and black depiction of Iron Man's face.

The black and red Ant-Man gaming chair is the budget option of the bunch. It can hold up to 242 lbs and comes with removable neck and lumbar pillows. The included floor mat has a sweet picture of Ant-Man's mask. We've even tested this chair out ourselves and love it. For more insight, check out our Ant-Man gaming chair review.

Anda Seat is known for making high-quality gaming chairs that are built to last. Get yours while you can. Just don't forget to add the promo code while checking out. Buyers in the US need to enter IMORE-US, while buyers in the UK need to enter IMORE-UK. Remember that this promo code is only valid from May 12 - June 12, but that's only as long as supplies last.

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