Apple adds Essentials Anniversaries feature to Apple Music

Essential Anniversaries
Essential Anniversaries (Image credit: Macstories)

What you need to know

  • A new Essentials Anniversaries feature has been added to Apple Music.
  • It will feature landmark albums from artists as they hit major milestones.
  • Radiohead's OK Computer is first up celebrating its 25th anniversary on May 21.

Apple has added a new Essentials Anniversaries section to Apple Music that will celebrate landmark albums from artists as they reach major milestones.

As reported by MacStories:

Apple Music was quietly updated today with a new feature: Essentials Anniversaries. The new Apple Music section features landmark albums from artists organized by their anniversaries, from five-year anniversaries all the way to 65-year-old albums.

Essential Anniversaries

Essential Anniversaries (Image credit: Macstories)

May 21 will see the first album, RadioHead's OK Computer, showcased with the album, music videos, and a special Apple Music Radio show also called Essentials Anniversaries with DJ Matt Wilkinson.

From Apple:

Essentials Albums are the ones you come home to, the ones you swear by. They're classics and game-changers - records that've defined eras, careers, movements, and moments in time. This is the place on Apple Music where we celebrate essentials as they approach milestone anniversaries, with exclusive artist interviews, live events, and extended editors' notes.

The report says that Apple's Essentials Anniversaries is still rolling out worldwide. Apple this week also announced that it would be streaming new concerts on Apple Music, starting with Harry Styles' 'One Night Only in New York' on Friday.

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