Apple has begun sending out notices about their annual "Black Friday" sale, so named because it's theoretically a shopping day so monumental it tips the retail balances out of the red (losing money) and into the black (making profit). Years past have seen $100 off MacBooks, for example, though rumors this year suggest Apple might be more aggressive with their sale.

Cyber Monday, the trendy follow-up where people have mulled over everything they didn't buy on Black Friday and make use of once-were-faster office internet connections to order stuff online, is typically ignored by Apple, so those wanting even a little savings should definitely not miss out Friday.

Will iPhone's see any discount love? We don't expect so, given their already hugely subsidized price, but we remain ever hopeful!

So far we've gotten notices in the US (where it follows the Thanksgiving holiday), and Canada (where it follows just another work day). Anyone else get a notice for their country? Please post in the comments!