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New iPad Pro accessories include powered USB camera adapter, Lightning to USB-C cable

Apple has announced a new set of accessories for the iPad Pro line of tablets, powered USB camera adapters. This adds a powered USB port to your iPad Pro, allowing you to connect things like a USB Ethernet adapter, podcasting mic and more. The USB camera adapter is available for $39 (opens in new tab) from Apple.

Finally, Apple has also introduced a new Lightning to USB-C cable, allowing users to connect their iPhone, iPad or iPod to a computer via USB-C. The cable can be used with an Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter to take advantage of fast charging with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The cable is available now starting at $25 (opens in new tab) direct from Apple.

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  • So will the USB adapter work with older pads and/or iPhone?
  • The iPads will work just with USB 3.0 transfer speeds and not the USB 3.0 speeds. It will work with the iPhone though just not officially supported, you might get some error messages
  • So, nothing new for Macs. Plenty new for iOS. I think the future of the Mac has been foretold here today.
  • No. we knew they were waiting until WWDC for months now.. They almost always announce new Macs just before during or after WWDC.. Only exception was the 5k iMac last year.
  • ahaha Now iPad pro has more ports than the fkn Macbook Pro!! What a **** joke
  • Yay, adapters... No the iPad really is "Pro".
  • Do we know how much faster the iPad pro will charge using the new cable? Currently it takes many hours (a full,over night I believe) for a full charge.
  • I wonder what data transmission rate is supported by a 9.7" iPad Pro connected to iTunes using the USB-C cable: USB 3 Gen 1? Gen 2? Looking forward to faster syncs and backups.
  • Update: nup, looks like I'm out of luck - I wonder what controller ifixit will find in their tear down - seems like such a small thing to put the extra pins on the Lightning socket if the chip supports it! 3GB RAM would have been nice to go with the Pro label, but I'm still pretty tempted (typing this on my iPad 3)
  • No one's stated if 'more' could include mouse support Obviously won't happen across the board lol. Quite possibly in apps though.
    Darn I wish it was across the board
  • Which manufacturer/Model of USB adapter for Ethernet has been tested? Also is there any way to daisy chain adapters? To get HDMI Out (for 30+ inch monitor) while also using the USB adapter for Ethernet? Now there there is a passthru lightning I didn't know if this was just for power or also supports data. Thanks!