Saving on an Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Card lets you save on digital movies and music, apps and games, and even subscriptions billed through the App Store. Thanks to Black Friday, one of the best deals to hit this gift card all year is back at Amazon while supplies last. You can pick up the $100 Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Card for only $80 right now, though you shouldn't wait too long as these deals usually tend to sell out quicker than most others. You're essentially scoring $20 for free, and if you regularly spend on Apple's App Store or iTunes, it'll come in handy in no time.

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Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Card

Now's your chance to save 20% on this $100 Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Card at Amazon while supplies last. This is one of the best deals to hit the gift card all year, letting you extend its savings to digital movies and music, games, and even in-app purchases and subscriptions billed through iTunes.

$80 $100 $20 Off

Scoring a discount on an iTunes gift card means you'll be saving on anything you purchase with it, whether that be an app, a digital movie, an album, or even an in-app purchase. These gift cards can even be used to pay for subscriptions which you've signed up for through iTunes or the App Store, such as Apple Music, Hulu, or Apple TV+. Of course, you could also use it as a gift; this deal is for a physical card which will be mailed to you, so you could wrap it up and give it to a family member this holiday season or keep it for yourself (no judgements). For even more ways to save on iTunes gift cards daily, check out this list of the Best Credit Cards for Savings.

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