Apple calls for developers to submit iOS 7 apps

With iOS 7 going Gold Master on Tuesday and planned for a September 18th release, Apple is officially opening the doors to developers who want to submit apps to the App Store built for the new operating system. The company put out the call{.nofollow} for iOS 7 apps today on their web site and in an e-mail sent to registered iOS developers.

iOS 7 will soon be in the hands of hundreds of millions of customers. Reimagine your app’s interface with the clarity, translucency, and depth of iOS 7. Integrate APIs for AirDrop, multitasking, games, and camera, as well as new APIs that take advantage of the powerful new capabilities of iPhone 5s.

Peter Cohen
  • Submitted! Was worried that my universal app (Snoozy) would have to be delayed if iOS 7's rumors of the initial rollout being iPhone-only were true, but they weren't and I should be good to go for launch. :)
  • Can't wait for Septemer 18, bye iOS 6 we've been best friends and I like you but I have to let you go. LOL
  • I'm excited for all the updates and what some of the new icons will be like. If you look at the Apple Store app, scroll down and you'll see what the iOS 7 icon will look like Sent from the iMore App