Apple Car is a non-starter for 28% of Americans, survey says

Apple Car Concept Illustration
Apple Car Concept Illustration (Image credit: Motor Trend)

What you need to know

  • More than a quarter of people aren't won't buy an electric vehicle any time soon, according to a new survey.
  • Consumer Reports asked people if they would buy a new EV today, with people citing various reasons why they wouldn't.
  • Many are concerned about charging, while the range of EVs is also a problem to many.

More than a quarter of Americans say that they won't buy an electric car, according to a new survey. That's bad news for Apple as news continues to swirl that it intends to launch its own electric vehicle (EV) at some point in the future.

The Apple Car project is one that has been in motion for a number of years and while changes to CarPlay via iOS 16 and beyond will make other cars more Apple-like, an Apple-branded vehicle is still a possibility. But not for some, with Consumer Reports noting that 28% of those questioned "would not consider" buying an EV at all, Apple or otherwise.

In fact, just 14% of respondents said that they "would definitely" buy or lease an EV today, while 22% "would consider seriously." The remaining 35% say they "might consider" such a move, with the reporter noting that those who would go the EV route skewed towards the younger generation.

Consumer Reports Ev Buying Intention

Consumer Reports Ev Buying Intention (Image credit: Consumer Reports)

The reasons people aren't so keen on an EV are varied, but concerns about charging being the main one — 61% of people said that charging logistics was the number one reason they were put off electric cars. Range was another concern, while the costs involved in buying and maintaining such a vehicle were also cited as a contributing factor to a lack of interest in switching from combustion engine-powered cars.

Of those who would buy an EV, more than ever are reportedly saying that helping reduce their impact on the environment is one of the most important factors in their decision.

As for Apple, timescales for a potential EV launch are unclear depending on who you listen to. 2025 appears to be the earliest we could expect such a release, with Apple already said to have sounded out multiple carmakers for a potential collaboration. Whether Apple magic could help persuade EV skeptics to make the plunge remains to be seen, but those concerned about price are unlikely to find a budget option with an Apple logo on the hood any time soon.

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