Apple Card invite issue prompts accidental international application emails

What you need to know

  • International Apple users have reportedly received Apple Card invites by mistake.
  • Apple is apparently aware of the problem related to its invite system.
  • Apple Card is now available in a limited capacity in the U.S.

Yesterday, we noted that some users who received an Apple Card email invite ran into an issue with their Apple ID. Now, reports claim the issues related to Apple's invite system are becoming more widespread.

According to AppleInsider, Apple users from countries outside of the U.S., including Canada, England, and France, are receiving Apple Card invites. This is despite the fact that Apple Card is only available in the U.S. right now.

AppleInsider writes:

Since Monday, Apple has been sending out a batch of emails, telling customers that all that Apple needs is an Apple ID —with the email sent to an iCloud address associated with an Apple ID. This is having a side-effect —Apple ID account holders in countries outside the US are getting the emails as well.

The Apple Card can be used internationally with no fees, but the credit card is only available to U.S. users for now. Apple is apparently aware of the issues related to Apple Card's invite system and is working on a fix.

The rollout of Apple Card has been calculated thus far, with invites slowly going out to a limited number of users. Some users have also reported they've been able to sign up without an invite.

If you haven't had the opportunity to sign up for Apple Card, wider availability will go out later this month.

Brandon Russell