Apple Card rolling out to more users, but availability still limited for now

What you need to know

  • More Apple Card invites are reportedly going out.
  • Multiple reports claim even those without an invite were able to apply.
  • We tried applying without an invite but didn't see an option to do so.

Earlier this week, Apple begun rolling out Apple Card invites as part of a limited preview program. Now, access is allegedly becoming more widely available, with some users reporting they were able to apply even without an invite.

A number of users on Reddit say more invites went out to sign up late Wednesday and early Thursday. AppleInsider's sources confirmed wider availability.

"I missed the first batch, but looks like Apple is rolling out another wave of available Apple Cards," said Redditor DontRedditOnTheJob. "Just got approved and waiting on that sweet titanium!"

While a new wave of invites appear to be going out, several users report they were able to sign up without an invite. Several of these reports claim they simply went into the Wallet app and pressed the + button, which then gave them an option to apply.

How to apply for Apple Card

"I checked after seeing this post and was able to apply despite not receiving an email or notification," said Redditor Biochrono79.

"I just got mine!" said Redditor Needle14. "It took about 30 seconds to fill out the application and get approved. Easiest credit card application I've ever filled out."

For what it's worth, I didn't receive an Apple Card invite and don't see the option to sign up, despite people reporting different. I asked around the iMore staff and nobody saw an option to apply.

Even if you do apply, however, that doesn't guarantee you'll get approved, as a number of users have already found out. If you aren't approved, here's what you need to do.

Brandon Russell