Apple Card skins from Dbrand add style to Apple's credit card

What you need to know

  • You can now preorder an Apple Card skin from Dbrand.
  • Dbrand says its Apple Card skins feature "unrivaled precision."
  • You can mix and match the different Apple Card skins to fit your style.

The Apple Card, now available to all Apple users, features a clean, minimalistic design — an aesthetic present in most Apple products. But beware, because the aluminum can easily get damaged if you aren't careful.

To help preserve the pristine look of Apple Card, Dbrand has unveiled skins specially made for Apple's latest product.

According to Dbrand, the Apple Card skins feature "unrivaled precision:"

We measured the Apple Card down to the thousandth of a millimeter to ensure our Apple Card wraps will fit flawlessly. We measured the front and back, just in case they were different somehow. We even measured the embossed Apple logo so that we could sell Apple Card skins with logo cutouts — otherwise nobody will know you've got an Apple Card. That would defeat the entire purpose of the card, right?

At least Dbrand has a sense of humor about it.

Dbrand is offering skins for the front and back of Apple Card, which go for $5 each. A variety of options are available to purchase, including carbon fiber, wood, leather, metal, and more. Dbrand says that the adhesive on its skins won't stain, discolor, or leave residue on Apple Card.

Since the Apple Card became available, we've seen accessories pop up designed to keep the card from getting worn out. Putting a skin on your credit card might seem like an absurd idea, but it beats carrying around a chipped, dirty piece of aluminum.

You can preorder a Dbrand skin for your Apple Card now, with shipments expected in September.

Brandon Russell