Apple CEO Tim Cook to testify in court Friday, Epic Games trial almost over

Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • The Apple vs Epic Games trial is nearly at a close.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stand as a witness on Friday.
  • He has reportedly been practicing for hours ahead of his court appearance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stand to testify about the App Store, iPhone, and iOS on Friday, as the Apple vs Epic Games trial nears its close.

Cook will likely face questions from Epic Games' lawyers regarding the iPhone, iOS, Apple's 30% commission, privacy, security, cloud gaming, and more. Earlier this week it emerged that Cook had been practicing for his appearance, spending hours with former prosecutors to simulate the courtroom. From that report:

Apple's Tim Cook will take the stand in the Epic Games trial later this week or early next, with the notoriously well-prepared CEO said to be undergoing hours of practice so he's ready.According to The Wall Street Journal, Cook has former prosecutors grilling him as part of the practice rounds, all with the aim of trying to simulate what Cook will have to deal with when he takes the stand.

Apple's Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller have already testified this week. Phil Schiller revealed Apple's Small Business Program dated back to 2016, and that Apple spends $50 million hosting WWDC.

Judge Gonzalez Rogers has previously stated that the trial is expected to last until Monday, May 24. Earlier this week Apple filed a motion for an early ruling on one of Epic's grievances listed in its lawsuit against Apple, namely that Apple has denied Epic access to an essential facility. Apple claims that testimony throughout the trial has proven that iOS app distribution is not an essential facility and that furthermore, Epic can obtain access to the facility should it wish to.

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