Apple education event: Everything you need to know about iBooks 2, iBooks Author, iTunes U

The (now digital) ink has dried on Apple's education event, we've met the new apps, we've seen the new services, and we've gotten an idea of where Apple is heading when it comes to schools, textbooks, and learning. But just an idea. Like any 1.0 product, this stuff is the broad strokes and there are tons of details left for Apple hammer out over the next year -- heck, over the next decade.

If you missed any of iMore's extensive coverage, we can't blame you -- there was a ton of it! -- but we will give you a chance to catch up. Below you'll find links to Apple's video of the education event itself, along with our live commentary podcast, and all of our hands-on videos, reader feedback, and quick takes on iBooks 2, Textbooks, iBooks Author, iTunes U, and everything else that went down today. We'll have a bit more follow up tomorrow, but this is it for now. Put your feet up, grab a tasty beverage, and have at it!

Event & commentary

  • Apple education event now available via streaming, iTunes download
  • iPhone and iPad Live 276: Apple education event, iBooks 2, and iTunes U
  • Teacher and educator reactions to Apple’s iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U
  • Stock Talk: Why Apple’s textbook announcement matters
  • Apple’s education event was just the beginning
  • So what did you think of Apple’s education event?
  • Forums: iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U

iBooks 2

iBooks Author

iTunes U

  • iTunes 10.5.3 released, includes support for syncing iBooks textbooks
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