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  • Apple has extended its free Apple TV+ offering until July 2021.

That Apple TV+ free trial that was supposed to end in October of last year? Yeah, it's been extended again. Now, people can get free Apple TV+ until July 2021.

Notably, this means that the initial free year of Apple TV+ that started in November 2019 will run for an additional nine months. Apple first announced an extension back in October last year and that was due to come to an end next month. now, it'll run until July.

Already paying for Apple TV+ via the Apple One service? Fear not – according to 9to5Mac, we will all receive a $4.99 credit to cover the cost of a service that is now free.

Any paying subscribers to Apple TV+ monthly plan as of today, January 15, will receive $4.99 store credit for the February to June period, offsetting the cost of their subscription. The same is true for people who currently pay for the Apple One bundle subscription.

It's thought that the reason behind Apple's extension is to give it time to further expand its streaming service. More shows and movies are being announced almost weekly and the second and third seasons of popular shows are set to arrive in due course. Apple is presumably hoping that it can get more people hooked by giving them free access than it can by charging them.

Apple will, of course, eventually need to start charging for Apple TV+. Though at this point I wouldn't want to bet against that trial being extended beyond July.

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