Apple features 2 new videos in 'Shot on iPhone 6' campaign

Another week brings another set of beautiful videos to Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign. Apple initially started including videos in the campaign earlier this month, then expanded to highlight more just last week, showing off the capabilities of the camera in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The two new videos are short and set to fitting music just like the previous entries. The first video gives us a look at some slow-motion footage of a bike trick performed by a rider in Brazil, while the second is a beautiful shot of a woman paddling a boat in Thailand.

The 'Shot on iPhone 6" campaign originally started back in March as part of a marketing push by Apple. Since then, the campaign has expanded from images to video, and even recently picked up an award from Cannes. If you'd like to see everything Apple has highlighted, you can check out the company's World Gallery page. Otherwise, you can view the two new videos embeded below.

Source: Apple (YouTube)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster