iPad Pro (2020)Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has a new YouTube video aimed at showing iPad can be your next computer.
  • The musical ad borrows from The Little Mermaid.

Apple has a new, unlisted YouTube ad that's all about showing why an iPad could be your next computer. It isn't clear why the video is unlisted, but it was spied by one Twitter user over the weekend.

The video itself borrows music from The Little Mermaid and sees multiple people wishing they could ditch their complicated computer setups and instead enjoy using an iPad to draw, take notes, play games, and more.

Check it out.

iPad has everything you need to work, learn, create and play with complete freedom. Big immersive retina displays, available cellular connectivity, and incredible battery life, all in thin and light designs. And with the new iPad Pro supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, there's an iPad for anyone and anything.

Your next computer is not a computer.

The ad shows someone using an iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil as they go about talking with friends, working, and playing games. It's a great ad, especially if you're a fan of musicals and The Little Mermaid. Really, who isn't?

Apple's claim that your next computer could be an iPad is something that people will argue about once more, and that all depends on whether you call iPads computers and what you do with your computer. Apple seems set on telling people that iPads are not only computers but that they can replace your Mac or PC, too.

Whether your next computer will be an iPad Pro or not, Apple's powerhouse tablet is pretty sweet thanks to that M1 processor and new Mini-LED screen. Check out our collection of the best iPad Pro deals before you make a purchase of your own, too.